Mollen Mission

Mollen enables our clients and patients to access and deliver health care services in the most convenient and cost effective ways possible. We do this by leveraging a nationwide network of healthcare professionals who provide health care services wherever people live, learn, play, work, worship and shop.

How We Help

Employers: We help keep people healthy while lowering the cost and increasing the convenience of health care services. We provide immunization and health screening services in a variety of settings in all fifty states. Employers: We help employers keep their employees and their families healthy while lowering the cost and increasing access to immunization and health screening services. We provide services on-site as well as at thousands of retail locations around the country. We allow employers to reach and engage both home office and dispersed employees, as well as spouses and dependents.

Schools: We help schools and universities keep students and faculty healthy and meet the increasing level of state regulations around immunizations and preventive health services. We provide the full range of immunizations that are increasingly becoming required for students and faculty alike.

Senior Care Facilities and Community Groups: We help keep communities healthy by cost effectively bringing health care services on-site. Our on-site capabilities matched with our presence in thousands of retail and other community settings allows our customers to provide health care services where people live, learn, play, work, worship and shop.

What We Do

Mollen’s Services Include:

  • On-site Immunization Events for Flu, Pneumonia, Tdap, Meningitis, MMR, Hep A, Hep B, and HPV
  • Health Screening Events delivered on-site and at select locations nationwide.
  • Retail Voucher Programs that allows dispersed and remote employees or members to receive immunizations and health screenings in a convenient retail setting.
  • Billing capabilities which allow us to directly bill 1000s of insurance plans.
  • Online registration and scheduling to save time and money while helping drive participation and engagement. Registering online saves time and money by making the paperwork easy.

Who We Are

Mollen has provided convenient and cost effective health care services since 1989. In 2012, our nationwide network of health care professionals provided service to millions of Americans in all 50 states. We are the largest independent mass immunizer in the country and pride ourselves on providing quality health care services wherever people live, learn, play, work, worship, and shop.
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